nubaran basically means the dish is cooked with ubad. No, it’s not a typo error, it is really ubad not ubod – different from but practically the same. Confusing? Well ubod is the pith or the center of a coconut tree while ubad is the pith of a banana tree.

To make this dish, one has to prepare an ubad for cooking – first thinly slice, around half a centimeter, the cleaned pith (must be very white and sized like a fluorescent lamp to be sure of the quality.) . Then using a barbecue stick, remove web like fibers “interconnecting” these slices (these are actually hardened banana sap). When finished you can crush is into smaller pieces and add to your cooking.


  • 1 whole (native) Chicken
  • 3-4 cups chopped Ubad, prepared as described above
  • 1 stalk Tanglad (Lemongrass)
  • 1 thumb size Ginger, sliced
  • 5 clove Garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 medium Onion, finely chopped
  • Salt and Pepper to taste or chicken broth cubes
  • 2pcs Batwan or Libas (a souring agent leaf)
  • Water


How to make Inubaran na Manok

  1. Cut the chicken into bite-size pieces.
  2. In a pan, saute the chicken in garlic, ginger and onion.
  3. Add water enough to cover the chicken. Boil until chicken meat is tender.
  4. After 20-25 minutes,add the ubadtanglad and batwan (if you will this instead of libas). If you will be using libas, add it 5-10 minutes after this.
  5. Once chicken is tender, sdd salt and pepper to taste. You can also add chicken