While most of the systems are used for offline learning, use of ICT in classrooms is also popularized with the introduction of smart classrooms. A preliminary study was conducted in a classroom to understand the acceptance of the system. From the response of the participants we found the system has facilitated better interaction in the classroom.This research focuses on how experiences of learning with ICT in pedagogically meaningful ways can affect pre-service teachers’ intentions to use ICT for teaching and learning. The results show that the students who had learned programming before entering university had higher weighted average grades in the first semester and the students who started studying programming for the first time at university had more external regulation influencing their studies than other students.
The findings show that learning programming before starting ICT studies gives an advantage in studies and working during studies is related to lower extrinsic motivation. This suggests improving students’ opportunities for gaining experience in programming (studying or working) prior to university studies in order to support their future studies in the field of ICT.

Michelle Anne Magana’s Reflexive Output in Empowerment Technology


I had ICT as my mini course when I was in Junior High, since grade 9 to 10 it is hard for me to cope up and face the difficulties that I must overcome through the four quarters for each school year, but I faced it and overcomed it because I am now an ABM Senior High Student. And now in SHS, Mrs. Rivera taught me, us a lot of things that can help us grow more, grow a lot better. Because of her maybe until now I won’t know about wordpress, jimdo,, piktochart, photoshop and a lot of collaborative tools. The wordpress is for creating blog, jimdo for creating website, for sharing your petition and get a support, piktochart for creating infographics and photoshop for editing pictures. This tools that Mrs. Rivera introduced to us help us when it comes in introducing and promoting our products, and as a ABM student it can help us, me a lot when I already have my own business, I can promote my own business for free.

– Magana, Michelle Anne R. –

Charles Danielle Alison(Reflexive Output)

In the first semester I have been the new student in Wells, I’ve learned a lot of things in ICT class. There are so many topics and a lot of things we have learned about. Most of the things I’ve learned makes me understand how it is important n our life to have an internet, and also important to know as a things I’ve known. And i learn how to do personal blogsites, websites,and also online petition.Learning in ICT class is actually nice, but we always got a lot of work to do. But at least, it’s important to now it and we could also used in our future even though we are not in ICT class. I hope I could used it to do some good things. Thanks a lot for teaching me to do things like this. It was nice to stay in your class. Thank you


I know that as a student we experiencing difficulties in our subject as ABM students especially in the empowerment technology that needs to be trained or learned computer.

I’m very grateful to my teacher who teaches us how to explore on the computer. I’m also grateful for the ICT platforms because I have a lot of new knowledge about using the computer.I learn also in my own so I am much better than who I am before.

I truly learned a lot from our subject which is Empowerment Technology that I was able to do some exploring using ICT platforms.In my leaning its very great because I learned a lot. So I am very blessed that I already know other platforms and if I rate my understanding up to 100% I rate 80 because I have a great learning from it.

My Learnings

For another two months that we spent Empowerment Technology, I can truly say that i learned a lot. I just started to like photography and if I ever got the chance to have my own DSLR, then it won’t gonna be that hard to share my works for I learned to create my own website and how to manage it. I am also thrilled to know that it is possible to create a petition online through . In that way it’ll be easier for people to know an individual’s concerns. I’ve learned to be organized without wasting any paper or pens just by using Trello.

I am contented and I feel happy because I know that these things that I’ve learned can help me in the future.

Leche Plan in Luzon


Leche Flan Recipe is originally a french dessert called creme caramel which became a sensational food in the Philippines.

You will see it everywhere around the country and usually served during occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, weddings etc.

It looks easy to cook but quite challenging to perfect we actually had to try several times and this is the best version we had.


10 fresh eggs

380g condensed milk

390g evaporated milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup sugar