Michelle Anne Magana’s Reflexive Output in Empowerment Technology


I had ICT as my mini course when I was in Junior High, since grade 9 to 10 it is hard for me to cope up and face the difficulties that I must overcome through the four quarters for each school year, but I faced it and overcomed it because I am now an ABM Senior High Student. And now in SHS, Mrs. Rivera taught me, us a lot of things that can help us grow more, grow a lot better. Because of her maybe until now I won’t know about wordpress, jimdo, change.org, piktochart, photoshop and a lot of collaborative tools. The wordpress is for creating blog, jimdo for creating website, change.org for sharing your petition and get a support, piktochart for creating infographics and photoshop for editing pictures. This tools that Mrs. Rivera introduced to us help us when it comes in introducing and promoting our products, and as a ABM student it can help us, me a lot when I already have my own business, I can promote my own business for free.

– Magana, Michelle Anne R. –

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