Charles Danielle Alison(Reflexive Output)

In the first semester I have been the new student in Wells, I’ve learned a lot of things in ICT class. There are so many topics and a lot of things we have learned about. Most of the things I’ve learned makes me understand how it is important n our life to have an internet, and also important to know as a things I’ve known. And i learn how to do personal blogsites, websites,and also online petition.Learning in ICT class is actually nice, but we always got a lot of work to do. But at least, it’s important to now it and we could also used in our future even though we are not in ICT class. I hope I could used it to do some good things. Thanks a lot for teaching me to do things like this. It was nice to stay in your class. Thank you


I know that as a student we experiencing difficulties in our subject as ABM students especially in the empowerment technology that needs to be trained or learned computer.

I’m very grateful to my teacher who teaches us how to explore on the computer. I’m also grateful for the ICT platforms because I have a lot of new knowledge about using the computer.I learn also in my own so I am much better than who I am before.

I truly learned a lot from our subject which is Empowerment Technology that I was able to do some exploring using ICT platforms.In my leaning its very great because I learned a lot. So I am very blessed that I already know other platforms and if I rate my understanding up to 100% I rate 80 because I have a great learning from it.