While most of the systems are used for offline learning, use of ICT in classrooms is also popularized with the introduction of smart classrooms. A preliminary study was conducted in a classroom to understand the acceptance of the system. From the response of the participants we found the system has facilitated better interaction in the classroom.This research focuses on how experiences of learning with ICT in pedagogically meaningful ways can affect pre-service teachers’ intentions to use ICT for teaching and learning. The results show that the students who had learned programming before entering university had higher weighted average grades in the first semester and the students who started studying programming for the first time at university had more external regulation influencing their studies than other students.
The findings show that learning programming before starting ICT studies gives an advantage in studies and working during studies is related to lower extrinsic motivation. This suggests improving students’ opportunities for gaining experience in programming (studying or working) prior to university studies in order to support their future studies in the field of ICT.

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